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The L Word - 5x03 - The Lady on the Lake

I *loved* that dream sequence at the beginning!!! Love love love!! Alice's flippy flippy hair, and Helena's wide eyes and open mouth, and Shane's awesome dialect and conservative outfit. Eeeeee!!!! (Alice is still bisexual? Really?)

Yes, Jodi does have breasts. What an astute observation.

I loved Tina and Jodi's little bonding moment over Nancy Drew (I like Nancy Drew, too! erhm. I think. I haven't read any since I was about 13)... and the way Tina approved of Jodi not letting Bette get away with getting out of her previous commitment. Tina and Jodi have total snarky-friends potential... I could never ship them, eek, that'd be weird, but I'd love it if they were friends...

Sadly, any and all times Max appears on screen, I hit the pause button in self defense and attempt to pull my hair out. And where the hell did he learn to speak? Seriously? He sounds like he's explaining the wonders of modern technology to 1st graders, 15 years ago...

Max: "It allows us to record it directly to a hard drive, while still recording on the video camera at the same time."
Tom (is that the interpretor's name?): "I don't have the slightest fucking idea what you're talking about..."

You've never heard of a hard drive, Tom? Did you just arrive from the 1950s?????

Does Marlee Matlin have a tattoo in the inside of her right wrist, or is it only Jodi that has one, or is she wearing some obscure piece of jewellery that looks like a tattoo when she flashes it by the camera fast? I can't tell...

What does Alice have against Max?? Every time they've shared a scene lately she's blown him off in some way.

Have I said how much I *love* Marlee and Jennifer's scenes?? I've loved Marlee Matlin for a long long time, and tried to see her whenever she's appeared somewhere, and while I am not deaf myself, nor do I have any close friends who are deaf, and thus can not speak realistically of the accuracy of the representation, but of all the things I've seen Marlee in, I have to say that the L Word is the one show where I feel her character's deafness has been most easily incorporated, and I, as a non-deaf viewer, don't have moments where I go 'oh, come on, gimme a break!'. (Right at this moment I'm thinking of the scene in The West Wing where Josh tells Joey that the President has MS, and he keeps making her write stuff down (her interpretor isn't with her, and Josh doesn't know ASL), where I, as a non-native-English-speaking viewer had absolutely no problems whatsoever hearing what she said, and I kept feeling patronised by a show I usually respect for not only being intelligent, but also crediting their audience with the same trait.)

Alice is gonna be a non-existent girlfriend? Because she can do that? Oh yes she can, absolutely she can, sure..... (see, Tasha's laughing. She doesn't think so either.)

That said, about how much I love Jennifer and Marlee, I skipped just about everything with them from the moment they arrived at the cabin. Why, show, WHY?? do you keep doing this to me??? I can't stand stuff that makes me cringe, I hate when people get in uncomfortable situations like this... (coincidentally, I love it in books. How come?)

Hey Jenny? That thing you said about how no-one wants to see Tina I mean Nina have sex?? Is insane. Because that was one of the hotter sex scenes in quite some time. Yeah, baby!

Awww, loved the heartfelt hug between Bette and Helena when the Peabodys arrived at The Planet. See, stupid-Jenny's-mind from last episode? They can so be close and not fight! More! More!

I love love love the dynamics between them all at the end. They're all glad Helena's out of prison, and they all like her, and she's acting a bit the spoiled brat dragged out by the ear, which of course she is, but they know her know, and they know what a force of nature her mother is, so they're all siding with her while her mother is, well, Peggy Peabody on a roll.

Gotta hand it to Mama Peabody, tho, she has some awesome lines:
Actually, our family doesn't go on trial. We generally go to Europe.

Loved Rachel Shelley's delivery when Helena said Dusty was one of the best women she'd ever met... so sweet. Damn, I hope they keep them together, at least for a few episodes.

And does she mean she's actually gonna break Dusty out of prison?? Sounds awfully dangerous. But she's a brave girl, Helena, and I love her very much, so go for it!

Loved Helena and Shane's scene at the end. Helena was really gorgeous, as always, of course, and Shane was really pretty too. She's not really my type, when it comes to gushing over (love her character, tho!), but she looked really really pretty in this scene. And when Shane kissed Helena, I *loved* how Helena was totally into it for like, half a second, before she caught herself. Heeheee!!

There was a lot to *squee* about in this episode, and I feel like I've forgotten half... argh. It was a pretty good episode, all in all! Wooo! Can't wait for next week!! (However, Helena's still gonna be on the show, right??? I mean, first Dana, and then Helena?? Seriously, giving up the show would be next...)
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