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Hot Ladies Galore!

The AfterEllen Hot100 List is out!!! Wooo!! I've been waiting for *forever* it feels like (even if it's really just a few weeks). And the list is fantastic. I totally voted for the Top3, and I only had one who didn't make it (Dina Meyer! OMG! Why?). Tina Fey is PERFECT for the #1 spot. So very hot. I gotta admit, (admit? what? I say that like it's something I could possibly not have wanted to share), mostly I'm super excited about Christina Cox making the list, though! I *squeed* all morning thinking about it (that's how obsessed I am). I will go watch some F/X the series, now.

The AfterEllen Hot 100 List is here!

And the video of the vloggers counting down from 100-76 is here!

I voted for:

Christina Cox           #24
Rachel Shelley         #42
Jennifer Beals          #2
Angelina Jolie          #11
Gillian Anderson     #45
Dina Meyer                -
Lucy Lawless            #16
Lauren Graham       #38
Tina Fey                     #1
Jill Bennett               #3

And on the Honorary Mentions list (more like OMG I can't make up my mind!!!! (yes, this is the list I posted a month ago when voting was open, and I was going crazy trying to get it down from 30 to 10) list, why do I only get to vote for 10????): Tracie Thoms, Gina Gershon, Gina Torres, Jodie Foster #12, Ellen DeGeneres #17, Portia de Rossi #39, Elizabeth Mitchell #37, Elizabeth Keener #86, Marlee Matlin, Mariska Hargitay #15, Bridget McManus #4, Liz Vassey, Michelle Yeoh, Emily Procter, Angie Harmon #46, Peta Wilson, Lucy Liu #62, Poppy Montgomery, Yancy Butler, Marnie Alton #47, Lena Headey #10, Mary-Louise Parker #23.
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