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Shows I've been watching lately...

There be some spoilers under the cuts.

So I decided to give Warehouse 13 a try a few weeks ago, liked it well enough, and ended up being caught up just in time for the season finale, which of course pissed me off. A few general words about the show before the ranting starts, tho: Like it well enough, it's funny and charming and doesn't take itself seriously, but has a wonderful heart in the right place. Myka is pretty, Claudia is funny, I like how the relationship between Pete and Myka grows into something very much brother/sister that's almost completely devoid of any romantic subtext, because that's the kind of female/male partnership I like to see, and that's sadly not all that common. Most shows want their viewers to ship the leads, but it doesn't feel like this show does (yet, at least. Grr. I don't trust them not to try and invent that in the future.) I like how they don't try to explain the science, they just accept it and move from there. A bit like Relic Hunter - which may or may not have something to do with Tia Carrere guest starring. :P A perfectly good and entertaining show to watch without being too demanding. So let's move on to the season finale:

Yes, of course I ship Myka/HG Wells, I mean, the subtext was *insane*. Come on! I mean, just a couple of weeks ago I would have said that the subtext on Rizzoli & Isles was the most serious I'd seen on TV since Xena/Gab, but DAMN if Myka and HG weren't giving them a run for their money. OMG! The glances, the smiles, the things Myka said... not so much with the touching, though, if I remember correctly. Jane and Maura are definitely more with the touching, but while Jane and Maura are overtly *friends* with each other (going on dates with guys, talking about how they're not gay), HG/Myka doesn't at any point try to debunk what's going on between them as not being romantic attraction. Which what I loved so much about it!! From the first time they meet Myka can't stop looking at her. She wants to believe the best about her. I know she had that relationship with that guy who was killed back in... Chicago? Detroit? Somewhere else... but she could very well be bi, and HG even *came out* as bi. Seriously! So much potential!! And then they have to go destroy it by making HG evil! Gah! Gah! Gah!

Of course, she's not *evil* evil... thankfully. There's still potential to work with. Fanfic writers should have no problem bringing them back together, but I don't really trust the show to take the time and effort to go there... (but of course, if Sanctuary can keep bringing back Jack the Ripper and Tesla despite them routinely killing people and trying to take over the world, bringing back HG shouldn't be a problem) And that scene with the gun by the river was a thing of beauty! Those kinds of talk-me-down scenes usually don't take place between two women, do they? They had one on Birds of Prey in the series finale, which was amazing... but that's what I've really liked about this show, how it's so woman-centric without being a "lady" show. And then when they didn't use brute force to take down HG, but Myka instead just talked her down and HG broke because she couldn't kill Myka???? Just fantastic. And so much future fanfic potential. HG really does love her! And Myka loves HG! Shame about that plot to end the world got in the way... *pout*

Curiously, the Rizzoli & Isles cliffhanger left me much less on edge than the Warehouse 13 one. I will say that the whole 'let me shoot the perp through my own body' thing annoys the crap out of me. Why would she do that??? Aren't police officers trained to do the whole 'speak to the perp using your soft voice and survive at all costs' thing? And knowing nothing of hostage situations, I would chose the moment when they had to get into the car, because that would have to leave one of them more vulnerable... As for the cliffhanger itself, I'm not all that bothered, because it's not likely they'll be getting rid of Rizzoli, and so I foresee lots of sweet Maura/Jane interaction while Jane is getting well...

As for Frankie, I can't say I'm as certain he's gonna survive, but eh. The show doesn't really need that kind of angst. I mean, it worked great for Xena, the whole 'I'm tortured because my little brother followed in my footsteps and got himself killed' thing, but that was years after the fact, and I don't see the show benefiting from putting them through that. (Character-wise that sorta kinda worked for Helen Magnus, but that show is darker in a different kind of way, and I'm still pissed off about it!)

When the summer shows go on hiatus it's so much more painful!! Having to wait through the entire long boring winter... What winter shows I could like have great lesbian subtext?? Gah!
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