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"I'm very excited about this whole thing about gay marriage - or as I like to call it, marriage."

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Guilty summer pleasures...  
15:29 14/07/2011
Fallon Ash
Is anyone else watching 'Switched at Birth'? - brief mentions of main themes, no detailed spoilersCollapse )
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Sanctuary - 3x19 - Out of the Blue  
11:38 18/06/2011
Fallon Ash
Sanctuary - 3x19 - Out of the Blue

First viewing:
OMG AMANDA TAPPING'S HAIR IS SO AMAZING. GUH. *credits roll* Wait, what just happened?

Second viewing:
Spoilers, analysis, why couldn't it have been Ashley??Collapse )
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Lots and lots of icons...  
23:02 11/06/2011
Fallon Ash
Random icon!survey, all my current icons neatly sorted into appropriate categories such as "brunettes" "redheads" "multiple ladies" etc! (The reason I started this was really to statistically prove that I have a thing for brunettes... but yay all pretty ladies?!)

Lots and lots of icons under here!Collapse )
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Ah, Laura...  
01:23 24/05/2011
Fallon Ash
There are plenty of things that have changed since I was 10 years old, but some stay just the same. This is still the prettiest girl in the world. (In related news, reading AfterEllen's Hot 100 List makes me feel old and outdated...)

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11:31 20/05/2011
Fallon Ash
Really, it's mild-ish I think (?), but under a cut for safety.

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17:32 17/05/2011
Fallon Ash
THIS is sooo cool!!! I won sg1_five_things's help_japan auction and got to pick a set of prompts for the comm and mod-responses are guaranteed! So. Awesome! In addition, the moderators are being awesome and are donating an extra $2 for every non-mod response they get. So if anyone feels like writing a quick little Five Things dittie it's for a good cause! (And it will also make me very happy since I picked the prompts. There's a lot of Sam and Vala... :P ) LINK IS HERE!

As for my own writing, May is supposed to be fic-finishing month, but I don't think I've ever had as many new ideas for exciting epic crossovers as I've had in the last few weeks. Muse!fail. *sigh* (Still, new exciting epic crossover ideas are still pretty exciting!)
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Mallorca pics!  
18:10 15/05/2011
Fallon Ash
So we spent 2 weeks on Mallorca and in that time I managed to take somewhere over 2000 pictures. *sigh* Under the cut are 28 of my favourite 'views around the island'!

Mallorca pic!spam!Collapse )
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fic: Blood Magic - Bianca St. Claire/Grace Valentine - The Dresden Files (TV show)/Valentine  
19:53 25/04/2011
Fallon Ash
Title: Blood Magic
Author: fallon_ash
Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV show) / Valentine
Pairing: Bianca St. Claire / Grace Valentine (Aphrodite)
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1557
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: "There are two bullet holes in her chest sluggishly leaking dark blood, and the remnants of a broken mirror behind her, and there is no way she would be getting up right now if she were mortal."
Inspiration: Dresden: "You sound like a 30s gangster's moll." Bianca: "I was a 30s gangster's moll." - The Dresden Files 1x05 Bad Blood
Author's Note: The vampire mythology is taken best I could from the TV show, and then filled in with random details I've stolen from other vamp myths – therefore quite inconsistent with the novels; I haven't read them and it seemed too daunting a task to get it right just from reading summaries online. Might as well create my own.


Blood MagicCollapse )

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tags: fic, jaime, joanne
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Today in: I clearly have too much time on my hands...  
23:24 19/04/2011
Fallon Ash
This started out from 'Hey, wait a minute, didn't Claudia Black say she was gluten intolerant? Why is Vala eating waffles??' (Not that there aren't gluten-free waffles. There are plenty. But being gluten intolerant myself I generally find it to be both an unnecessary bother and an unnecessary expense to find the 'substitute gluten-free' items so I tend to stick with regular food items that just don't contain gluten in the first place. WAY easier.)

However, uhm... it turned into Vala + Aeryn + random food!pr0n instead. Hey, don't judge. Eating is sexy! (Just me? Uhm...)

Pic!spam this way!! Includes bonus cleavages and old pics with perms!Collapse )
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RANT rant whine... *sigh*  
15:54 04/04/2011
Fallon Ash
Oh, and I had something else on my mind that's been bothering me this last week. Eddie McClintock did an interview promoting season 3 of Warehouse 13 recently and he said three things in it that bothers me.

Is Myka coming back? He says 'they don't tell us these things'. But considering they've been shooting for what, over a month now, doesn't that mean they're well into a 13-ep season by now? So then what, she's definitely not in the first... 5 episodes? That's half a season (that I won't be watching).

Then he goes on to refer to the new guy as 'her replacement'. Which, whatever, just rubs me the wrong way.

But the worst thing of all, he says "I trust the network." Which scares me more than anything. Because I don't trust SyFy with... you know, my half-dead cactus. I don't have a long past with SyFy, but I do know they pretty much ruined Sanctuary. Killing Ashley ruined the one main thing that set that show apart. The mother-daughter relationship made this show infinitely different and special from all the other shows I watched. Then they killed her, and now it's Amanda Tapping being hot and running around in leather, and it's a good fun show, but the heart of it died for me when they killed Ashley and I don't really have an emotional connection to it anymore. And I didn't even like Ashley that much! (Also, wasn't SciFi the network that cancelled Farscape??)

Now, I realized I might be petty and sensitive and over-reacting. I really really never wanted to be that fan that was too emotionally blinded to handle the big picture, but that's where I keep ending up. And isn't that what they want? They want us to be emotionally invested in their shows? What for? So they can screw us over? Damien Kindler was so smug on one of the commentaries, he talked about how he was so glad they killed Ashley because now the characters on the show are actually in real peril, as opposed to just fake peril. And maybe I'm not their target audience, then, because I don't like real peril. There's plenty of real peril in real life, I don't need it from my entertainment, and that means I'm gonna detach emotionally from the show so I don't get hurt again. Ilene Chaiken-level mind-fuckery.

I like peril, both physical and emotional and whatever, I love a well-excecuted dangerous action sequence that makes my heart race, and I love a good emotional torture storyline, but the heart of it I wanna wonder *how* they're gonna get out of stuff, not *if* - and if someone is leaving I wanna know about it well ahead so I have time to prepare. If I'm gonna endure a seriously long hiatus and be excited about the upcoming season, I want some kind of reassurance that it's gonna be worth it. Warehouse 13 had turned into my favourite current show, and Myka is my favourite character. Without her I won't watch the show. Easy as that. And a lot of people just seem completely relaxed and certain that she's coming back. But the fact that that's the cliffhanger they're playing up for the new season is just enough to make me doubt it, and I can't love a show that I don't trust. And now I'm working really hard to distance myself enough that I won't be hurt if she ends up not coming back.

But I also don't want artists to pander to their fans. I swear I don't. I believe in creating art for art's sake! But then it gets tricky, because shows like these are exist because they have fans, and they want fans, and they want their fans to be emotionally invested. *sigh* And I guess I'm just not the right fan for it... which makes me sad, because adventure and sci-fi and whatever are the kinds of shows I like. I guess what I really need to do is just stop watching any shows that are still on the air, and wait until I can read a full synopsis and buy the DVDs.

Frell. I guess at the root of it I'm just over-sensitive. And I guess TPTB is rubbing their hands saying they've succeeded, because controversy is good, and whatever. And I feel a little bit pathetic that I let it get to me like this. *sigh* I'll just be over here, watching Farscape. At least they won't let me down, I know how the series ends.
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frell me sideways  
15:08 04/04/2011
Fallon Ash
So uhm, I realize I haven't been around much for a bit... the thing that happened was, little over a month ago I posted that Hot Lady Meme, which required just a wee bit of image research (such hardship!), and at the time I said this about Claudia Black: "I tried Farscape I swear I did, but... *sigh* However, Vala is made of *win* with her shiny hair decorations and her ditzy yet infinitely more profound than she lets on ways. And Claudia is just lovely." But as I was looking through the pictures I came across some pics of Aeryn and I went 'Damn, that's really a shame I didn't like Farscape, she was really hot in it' and not long thereafter I figured I needed to give it one more chance... so about a week or two later I sat down with the show again and... fastforward to now and I'm in the homestretch of the last half-dozen episodes of season 4. As much as I'm sad I arrived late to this show (What is it with me and arriving late to shows?) I do love how the Age of DVDs allows me to just live and breathe a show and completely immerse oneself into it... sadly, that also means it will be over soon, of course, and I'm gonna have to move on and find something else to occupy my time with.

Now, who watched Farscape? Because I have an issue with the final scene of 4x14 - Twice Shy and I'd love to talk to someone about it.

The show itself is... it will never be my favourite show. Probably not even in the top 5. I will never re-watch the episodes over and over. I will probably re-watch select episodes occasionally, and favourite scenes I'm already running on repeat, but it will never be Xena, or Warehouse 13, or Remington Steele, or a few other show that I can watch over and over and over. I will grow too bored with the action and the enemies and the running. And Crichton... I love Aeryn, and much like Scorpius wants him alive for the knowledge in his brain, I want him alive because she would be sad if he died. I think that's the thing, really, there are too many characters on this show that I like, but I don't love.

However, there are two things Farscape does better than just about any other show I've seen, and that's characterization and continuity. Aeryn Sun has gone straight into my Top 5 (maybe 10? - oh! next meme - Top 10 Favourite TV Characters) favourite characters. The way they portray characters and relationships on this show is something of the awesomest and healthiest I've ever seen. (Not to say there aren't flaws, of course there are flaws, but over-all... - keep in mind I haven't seen the end of the series yet, but I actually have faith in them.) And I would like to point out that *I figured this out myself!*. I was squeeing over the characterization and the continuity *before* I'd seen the interviews where Claudia talks about how that was one of their main objectives with the show; when a character is hurt, they bleed, and when the wound heals, it leaves a scar. And they've really really succeeded in doing that. What other show (other than Xena, because Xena could sometimes get away with that too) continuously keeps storylines alive that go all the way back to the beginning, and alive enough in the viewers head that they pretty much instantly know what they mean by a momentary flash-back to a specific scene, or a quote. Now, plenty of shows *try* to do this, but it generally seems forced and weird, and like 'oh, let's bring back that storyline because we could totally use it' and then they've forgotten again in the next ep.

Which is why the end of 4x14 bothers me. Too easy. (Hopefully they'll deal with it in upcoming eps, though, I still haven't finished the season, so.)

And then on the side, the issue I have with the DVDs is the fact that they *keep giving away bloody spoilers in the commentary*!!! I mean, I guess it's not unreasonable to assume that *most* people have seen the entire show, but gah! I love commentaries. It's my favourite special feature (after bloopers...) and I love to sit down with the commentary immediately after I've seen an episode. And at least twice they've given away *really specific plot-points* in the commentaries. Spoilers for two major season 3 storylines under here.Collapse ) And I know, I know, I firmly believe that once something has aired, staying spoiler free is not something you can expect. But seriously guys, on the damn *commentary*.

Did I mention that I really really love Aeryn?
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fics: round-up  
02:32 26/03/2011
Fallon Ash
Just a round-up of the other 3 little ficlets I wrote for the Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle., but short enough that they're posted over there in the comments. I just like to have everything here as well. Thanks to sakuracorr for beta!

All of them rated MATURE/EXPLICIT.


Conflicting Desires, Crossover, Stargate SG-1/Farscape, Vala/Aeryn, inferiority complex Collapse )


Labels, Rizzoli & Isles, Jane/Maura, perception Collapse )


Frustration, Stargate SG-1, Sam/Vala, campingCollapse )

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fic: Cotton Candy, Sam/Vala  
02:11 26/03/2011
Fallon Ash
Title: Cotton Candy
Author: fallon_ash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Vala
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1054
Prompt: Cotton Candy
Summary: Cotton Candy, meet Vala. Vala, cotton candy. Sexytimes ensue...
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Note: Written for the Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle. Thanks to sakuracorr for beta!


Cotton CandyCollapse )

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tags: fic, stargate
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Multicolored spherical device in my office...?  
14:26 16/03/2011
Fallon Ash
Dudes, we're working with a very cool device today!! It totally looks like something out of an episode of Stargate!!! (But infinitely less cool than that, you know, only much much cooler than the usual devices we get to work with.) It measures the rate of photosynthesis in green leaves, which is interesting, but the best part is that it has GLASS TUBES on the side, filled with MULTI-COLORED CRYSTALS that TURN A DIFFERENT COLOR WHEN THEY'RE DEPLETED just like a ZPM!!! (I wish the colors in the photo were better, the crystals are very pretty when they catch the light.) The orange ones turn black, and the blue ones turn pale yellow. Very very cool... it also makes an ominous wet ticking noise when it's turned on... The only difference is that if this was an episode of Stargate Sam Carter would show up and *make the damn thing work*. Grrr. Our radish leaf is currently photosynthesizing at a negative rate... (Which is possible, I think, but shouldn't be happening when it's in full light.)

location: bio lab
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Hot Lady Meme!  
23:00 23/02/2011
Fallon Ash
There are all these pic!spammy lists I wanna make, but I never get around to it... however, every year (or at least every other year) I try to make a pic!spam of my Top 10 Hottest Ladies. The limiting thing is that I already have a relatively solid Top 10 list, and there's rarely room for more than one or two new faces whenever I make it (compare 2005, 2006, 2009, and my votes for the AfterEllen Hot 100 in 2008, 2009, 2010), and because the last year has been very good to me in terms of new interesting ladies, I'll do it a little bit differently. So here goes!

[1] - List your top 10 celebrity crushes that have come into your life in the last year.
[2] - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (10 to 1, 1 being your number one fixation)
[3] - Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
[4] - Supply photos for said people.

Pictures under here!!Collapse )
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fic: The Day Everyone Woke Up Gay - Warehouse 13 - Myka/HG  
00:26 04/02/2011
Fallon Ash
Title: The Day Everyone Woke Up Gay
Author: fallon_ash
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Characters/Pairings: Everyone, Myka/HG
Rating: PG
Warnings: Shameless abuse of clichés.
Word Count: 2455
Summary: Utter crack!fic. What the title says, Warehouse 13-style.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Syfy, Jack Kenny, etc.
Author's Note: Thanks to sakuracorr for beta!


The Day Everyone Woke Up GayCollapse )

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Stargate 5 Things fics round-up  
22:23 31/01/2011
Fallon Ash
Just a catch-up post. I wrote three pieces (that I can find) for the sg1_five_things comm last year, and I'm posting them here because I like having all my fic in one place. (I kinda feel like I wrote more of them, but I can't remember... I probably started a bunch of others, but never got to 5.)

Rating: G to PG-15
Characters/Pairings: Various

Five times SG-1/other SGC members saved the Universe and did not realize itCollapse )

Five things Sam created using the Asgard computer in "Unending" and never told anyone about/was sworn to secrecy aboutCollapse )

Five people at the SGC who can get Daniel tongue-tied or red-facedCollapse )
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tags: fic, stargate
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Joanne Kelly in "Diamonds"!!  
18:55 30/01/2011
Fallon Ash
So uhm... you know, playing gay or not is not the be-all end-all of actress crushes, but sue me for liking it when my crushes do! :P Awesomely enough, most of my actress crushes have played a lesbian or two over their careers, but the closest I've seen Joanne come so far was Bianca the omnisexual vampire on The Dresden Files (which is of course completely awesome!) but she's still mostly getting it on with Dresden. (Has anyone seen Going the Distance? There's a brief moment in the trailer where she's holding another girl's hand in a vaguely gay way. :P Why yes, I wear slash goggles? I'm pretty sure I've had lasik surgery to permanently imprint them on my lenses.)

Which brings us to Diamonds, a little miniseries about the diamond trade from a bunch of different interconnected viewpoints, wherein Joanne plays Stephanie Dresser, a geologist who specializes in looking for diamonds in the Congo. Now, there's absolutely no conclusive evidence that Steph is gay, but the circumstantial evidence is piling up real thick. I couldn't resist making a pic!spam out of it.

Stephanie Dresser ♥ Sarah Cameron a whole lot! Pics and quotes! (Uhm, and spoilers.)Collapse )
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No Ordinary Family  
21:32 20/01/2011
Fallon Ash
So it went something like Jaime Murray >> Julie Benz >> awareness of No Ordinary Family, and then it went Joanne Kelly >> guest starring on NOF >> Jaime's BFF's show! and together the two led me to give the show a try last week, and I really enjoyed it, which lead me to mainline the entire season so far in between study sessions. I have some issues with it; there's some annoying gender stereotyping going on*, the show seems afraid to go full-out in any direction be it with the humor or the drama or the action or the geekiness, and it has an annoying way of resolving cliff-hangers by trivializing them in the first 2 minutes of the next episode.

However, that said, it's a cute and funny show with a good heart. No Ordinary Family is definitely the show I look forward to most each week, at this time. (Until Sanctuary returns in April, and Warehouse 13 and Rizzoli & Isles in the summer.) If they can keep from going crazy, they can be sure to count on me to watch it as long as they're on. And since they've got an action/mystery aspect, I hope they'll be able to keep from degenerating into soap-opera land like so many other shows that I liked for the first season and that then just got crazy.

And Julie Benz's hair was *really fantastic* for the first 10 episodes. Speaking of, Julie Benz is really pretty. The fact that her storyline with Dana Delaney on Desperate Housewives was one of the cutest lesbian storylines I've seen in a long time totally helps. I really really don't want her for a new obsession, though, because I really don't wanna sit through 4 seasons of Dexter - especially knowing how it ends. I have seen a handful of Jaime's scenes from her season and... it's just not my show.

My issue with Julie Benz's hair is this, though. See, you all know I have a thing for hair. I even have a thing for curly hair. But nothing turns me off faster than a styled appearance that makes no sense, and that certainly won't be around the morning after. There was some famous actress, but I can't for the life of me find the quote again, who said something like "They're so excited when they go to bed with [stage name], but then they're so disappointed the next morning when they wake up with [family nickname]". And I kind of have a thing for the things that will still be there in the morning. Sure, I love naturally curly hair on a lady, but what I love the most is a lady who looks natural. (Yes, I know I shouldn't be using that word.) I know TV is just a massive suspension of disbelief, but some things bother me more than others. Anyone who's spoken to me this last week will have heard me gush about Steph's lovely straight hair, in a world of TV ladies that look like they spend an hour with their curling iron every morning.

And then we had Joanne Kelly guest starring this week... sadly she spent all of her time in Jim's storyline and never met Steph, and she spent most of that time chained to a pillar or spoilerCollapse ), so she didn't really have that much to do. And she wore a skirt, which I'm not a huge fan of. But she was still pretty! And there's a screen cap under the cut, here!Collapse )

*Moms with careers will never be happy unless they can make time to cook, clean, keep house, and look after their kids even when they have a wonderful loving supportive husband who has a great relationship with the kids, so let's give her super-speed so she'll be able to do those things. Dads who *went to artschool and love art* feel like inferior men if they work as artists because that isn't a properly manly thing to do, and they really wish they could go out and be more heroic instead of being at home and having a good relationship with their kids, so let's give him super-strength so he can go out and risk his life a be a hero like a real man. The kids are less obvious, but they still gave the girl the emotional power and the boy the scientific one. Now, the mom is clearly a very gifted scientist as well, and she gets plenty of chances to show off, and there are plenty of ways in which the show is progressive as well, and it's not at all a reason not to watch the show. And it should definitely be mentioned that the characters they've created are good and dynamic, and the actors play them well, and there's nothing at all wrong with the believability of the characters as such, but where they fit into a larger pattern is a little sad.
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evolution vs. gay  
02:19 10/01/2011
Fallon Ash
Concept of the Day:

The Natural Fallacy - Just because something is "natural" does NOT mean it is "good", "pleasant", or "moral".

And this, kids, is proven to us, well, it was proven well before that, but it was brought home today, in chapter 15 of my course literature (Evolution, Futuyma, 2nd ed.), a lovely chapter entitled Sex and Reproductive Success. This chapter teaches us about many interesting things, but the one that really made me think of the Concept of the Day was this one:

Chase-Away Sexual Selection, wherein females evolve strategies to avoid males wanting to mate with them. And we're not just talking about bird ladies refusing some dude on account of his tail feathers not being long and shiny enough. No, this is for example in cases like the mallard ducks, where groups of males practice "forced copulation" with a single female and drown her in the process. Quite common, apparently. Or how about the bedbugs? Those males do something called "traumatic insemination", which means "the male bedbug pierces his mate's abdominal wall with his genital structure, rather than inserting it into her genital opening". The chapter also talks about "toxic semen" in flies that is designed to kill semen left by other potential mates who've mated with the same female fly but which also occasionally kills the female.

The next chapter is entitled Conflict and Cooperation. It has headers like A Genetic Battleground: The Family, and Infanticide, Abortion, and Siblicide, and we're no longer dealing with flies. Lions and monkeys are apparently big on killing any young ones a new mate has that he hasn't fathered, because that makes her receptive to mating advances sooner. Just because it's "natural" does NOT mean it's something we should practice, people.

Which leads me to what is of course at the back of my mind when I read all this stuff. The fact that I'm gay, and that isn't really explainable by evolution (there are 2 pages on it in the book, if anyone wants a more detailed summary, because it's not quite that easy). But like the book says, trying to impose words like "natural" or "unnatural" on human behaviour is insanity. Because you hear that a lot, how homosexuality is "unnatural". And like yeah, well, then so is empathy, and cooperation, and love. But we're human beings, and we have brains, and societies and thoughts and morals, and a lot of those things makes us "unnatural". We have to use those brains and define what is "right" and "good" and "moral" for the human beings who live in society (consenting adults! come on!) - and sure, we are a product of our past, of our evolution, that's a fact that shouldn't be disregarded or ignored, but it's not the entirety of who we are. And everyone should be free to discuss and disagree, but don't use the words natural or unnatural to do it.
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